Greenwood Bible College

 The Greenwood Bible College was established in August 2004, for the purpose of training and equipping those in the Body of Christ in the area of Divine Healing and Deliverance. It is a four semester college with each semester lasting nine weeks. A pdf  workbook is provided for each semester.

The teachers are all well-known within the ministry of deliverance and healing. This is an interdenominational college based on God's Word.

    Available courses

    The Book of Daniel reveals Gentile history in advance, contained in its most amazing prophecies.  It is one of the most authenticated books of the Old Testament.  Jesus Himself attributes its authorship to Daniel the Prophet.

    This is an overview of the basics of deliverance

    This course describes the practical application of the Deliverance Ministry

    This is a discussion on The Book of Revelation and it's implication on the Church